MEMBER SPOTLIGHT… Annville Town & County 4472 Highway 3630 W By Jen Calhoun Brian and Allison Murray lean on this idea when it comes to their store, Annville Town & Country Market: “If we wouldn’t feed it to our own family, it doesn’t go on the shelf.” After all, they have a reputation to uphold and a community to serve, says Brian Murray, who took over management of the 6,000-square-foot gas station and grocery store from his mother and stepfather in 2000. Something for everyone Town & Country has been a helpful hybrid for Jackson County residents looking for either a quick bite or a full-fledged grocery shopping trip. Not only do they sell Shell gasoline and convenience store items, but they also offer four aisles of groceries, including a full line of fresh meats and produce. “We’re kind of an all-server in a small market,” he says. “We’ve modified ourselves over the years, and it’s an ongoing thing. We try to change based on what the community needs from us.” Changing with the community This innovation and forward-thinking has worked, too. By focusing on the community’s needs, Annville Town & Country keeps their prices low by selling at a high volume. “We focus on giving people a good value,” Brian Murray says. “We even compare ourselves cost-wise against big-box stores like Walmart and Kroger.” And while prices are important, Town & Country also puts a focus on friendly service, helping the community and serving others. “It’s almost like a circle,” says Brian Murray, who employs about 18 people. “The money that is earned here stays here. They spend their money in the community, and we and other civic-minded businesses invest back in the community. All of that supports local families.” And that’s just what Jackson County deserves, he says. “I think ultimately for me and my wife, the best part of our jobs is that we’re able to meet and hopefully exceed the needs of our community,” he says. “We want them to find the item they need at the price they need, and we want to be part of their lives.” ====================== Pull quote: “We focus on giving people a good value. We even compare ourselves cost-wise against big-box stores like Walmart and Kroger.” — Brian Murray, owner of Annville Town & Country Market with his wife, Allison If you go Annville Town & Country is at 4472 Highway 3630 W. For more information, you can find them on Facebook.